CAPS ADVISORY BOARD MEETING MINUTES                                                                                       1/12/2015


Krista Burrows, Kati Costello, Sarah, Devine, James Gaither, Jessica Glossop, Rachel Grisham, Kameron Kishaba, Sara McCracken, Mike McDougal, Virginia Tat, Josh Willmarth


  1. Renovation Discussion

$282,000 use of fund balance passed last week. Marcey is speaking to Facilities personnel; project may be able to be completed by end of summer.


Updates: Marcey responded to Trevor Byrd (ASOSU senator) with corrections and request to “tone down” tone of letter he was going to send regarding the physical environment at CAPS. A reporter from the Barometer will interview Marcey this afternoon at 4 p.m.; all members of the advisory board were invited to attend.


Feedback from Bryan Heasty (our SIFC liaison) is a strong recommendation not to increase our fees this year, and to prioritize our decision package requests.


  1. Review CAPS Projected Budget

This was done and passed unanimously.


  1. Review Decision Packages

Decision packages were prioritized as follows and approved by vote:

First Priority: 3 counselors, 1 marketing coordinator, LD testing = $4.55 increase -> $39.78 fee

Second Priority: 2 counselors, 1 marketing coordinator, LD testing = $3.30 increase -> $38.53 fee


The LD package was lowered from $46,010 to $36,010 on the basis of an average of $1100 per student tested x 50 students per fiscal year. A budget of $55,000 would require an increase of $36,010 from the existing $18,990 budget to meet the $55,000 need.


  1. Athletics Request

Marcey discussed the request from Athletics for a .5 FTE counselor in closer proximity to their facilities. This may provide the opportunity for a satellite office on the other side of campus which would be available to all students. Marcey will discuss with CAPS staff and continue to explore with Doug Aukerman.


  1. Presentation Discussion

Expectations: Those who present the budget at the SIFC hearing will need to attend training meetings outside board meetings, and have professional manner and attire when presenting. Sara, Virginia, Krista, and Mike volunteered and Rachel will coordinate times for training. Josh agreed to update the power point presentation with new data for the 2015-16 fee hearing.


  1. Week 3 Meeting

Next Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so no school will be held, but it still may be the best day for the board to meet. Staff were encouraged to fill out the doodle poll created by Rachel so that the day/time could be confirmed.