CAPS STUDENT ADVISORY BOARD MEETING MINUTES                                                                     Jan. 19, 2014


  1. Updates
    1. CAPS articles in the Barometer: Two articles, one based on Marcey’s interview and one an opinion editorial. Also mentioned on “Overheard at OSU” Facebook page. There has been much response, and students are very supportive of CAPS.
    2. Athletics: Doug Aukerman is requesting .5 FTE counseling services for Athletics. CAPS is considering a satellite office that would open to all students (not just Athletics) on the other side of campus (i.e., in the Beth Ray Center). This would be closer for VetMed students, engineering students, etc. When Marcey approached CAPS staff about this, she received a positive response and even some volunteers to spend half a day a week at the satellite center. We would need to send two counselors at a time.


Logistical issues: Must be in a confidential space, rooms soundproofed. Must have access to computer, phone, etc. (should be Athletics expense, since they aren’t contributing to salary).


Ideas suggested for future consideration:

  • Roving positions in Forestry, Engineering, etc.
  • Training centers: “Rotation in Athletics” to increase marketability for CAPS.


  1. Emergency SIFC Meeting to be held Tuesday night at 6 p.m. in the Dixon lower classroom. Bryan (our SIFC liaison) explained that the purpose of the meeting is to make everyone aware of budget statute changes. Since the dissolution of OUS, the OSU Board of Trustees is the group that ultimately passes or refuses to pass a budget. If the incidental fee increase is over 5%, the Board of Trustees can disapprove the budget. For us, a 5% increase would equal $1.76. If all our decision packages pass, our fee would be increased by 14%.  Marcey, Sherri, Josh, Rachel, Sara, and Virginia felt they could attend the meeting on Tuesday night.


  1. Review CAPS Budget
    1. Projected costs for decision packages:  Discussion was held about whether or not we could combine our five decision packages or if we would need to prioritize each one separately. It was decided to prioritize several different combinations on the basis of what CAPS needs most. Since enrollment projections have been reduced, it will be important to get the most current number for our counselor/students ratio.
    2. Fee projections: Alex had suggested that we try not to increase our fees this year and see how much of our fund balance would actually be spent. Marcey asked Alex to run the numbers in that scenario, which Alex provided and were copied for the board. With no increase in FY16, the student fee in FY17 would increase from $35.23 to $46.13 (30% increase), which the board felt was unacceptable. Therefore, the board determined to go ahead with the request for a smaller increase this year.


  1. Review Decision Packages
    1. Three new counselor positions will be labeled separately but grouped together (fee increase of $1.25 each)
    2. Marketing position ($.80 increase)
    3. LD/ADHD testing ($.48 increase). It was decided that CAPS fund balance would absorb the cost of LD testing on a one-time basis for next year, and decide next year if we need a decision package for that money.
    4. Prioritization for decision packages was listed as follows (we will vote on this next Monday):
      1. 3 counselors, 1 marketing position          $4.55 increase
      2. 2 counselors, 1 marketing position          $3.30 increase
      3. 2 counselors                                                      $2.50 increase
      4. 1 counselor                                                        $1.25 increase


  1. Presentation Discussion
    1. Expectations: Rachel will coordinate training/practice sessions for presenters, and update power point presentation that each presenter can follow.
    2. Professional manner and attire: Business casual (no jeans).
    3. Presentation sections:
  • Introduction, overview and mission of CAPS                              Krista
  • Base Budget                                                                               Mike
  • Decision Packages                                                                   Virginia
  • Fund Balance projections, closure                                   Krista


  1. Budget presentation will be at 9 a.m. in the Native American Longhouse on Sat., Feb. 7th. Presenters will meet on 8 a.m. that day in the CAPS conference room to make sure all is ready and then walk to the NAL together.