CAPS STUDENT ADVISORY BOARD MEETING MINUTES                                                                   Feb. 2, 2015


ATTENDEES: Krista Burrows, Kati Costello, James Gaither, Jessica Glossop, Rachel Grisham, Catherine Huang, Kameron Kishaba, Sara McCracken, Mike McDougal, Virginia Tat, Josh Willmarth, Sherri Bird, Marcey Bamba


  1. Updates
    1. Budget Updates from Alex: Last week the Board voted that there would be no increase in student fees to pay for deficit in base budget (instead we would use our fund balance to cover those expenses). The Board also voted to go forward with two decision packages: one full-time counselor and one part-time marketer. After a meeting with Alex, she advised Marcey to have the Board revote because Alex was concerned about not raising the student fee to help fund the base budget. It was decided that the Board would try to revote by email, but it was then clarified that the Board must vote in person, in a quorum. Marcey then spoke with Alex, Josh, Sara, and Rachel again the next day. Alex confirmed that she would support whatever the Board decided. Josh, Sara, and Rachel felt strongly that the Board should stay the course, keep the original vote, and move forward. This decision was supported by Marcey and discussed by the rest of the Board today. All are in agreement that we will continue with our original plan.
    2. SIFC Process vs. Mandated Fee Process: Handout from Priscilla was discussed. Transferring to Mandatory Fee Funding Model is recommended by Susie Brubaker-Cole and Priscilla. SHS has already passed the proposal with a unanimous vote. Both proposals have a 5% proposed cap. After a brief discussion, it was decided that the Board members wanted to focus on the budget presentation, and they found it difficult to evaluate changing our fee structure when only a limited amount of information was available.  It was decided to table this discussion until next week.
    3. Dixon Dream Project: Dixon Recreation Center will expand with or without CAPS and SHS. The architectural plans are in the conceptual phase. Marcey is on the fund-raising committee for Student Affairs to make sure that this project does not fall through the cracks. The Pharmacy and Lab will occupy the first and second floors; CAPS and SHS will occupy the third and fourth floors. The entrance will represent a “Wellness Area” made up of meditation rooms, mind spas, alcohol and domestic violence prevention, kitchen, yoga, advertising, and marketing. Marcey will bring the plans to a future meeting.
    4. Budget Narrative: Handed in!
    5. Presentation
      1. Presentation Sections:
        1. Introduction/Overview – Krista
        2. Base Budget – Sara
        3. Decision Packages – Virginia
        4. Working Capital/Fund Balance – Krista
  2. Krista and Virginia practiced their sections, and the group gave them constructive feedback. Two more practices will be held on Wednesday at 4 p.m. and Thursday at 9 a.m.
  3. The final presentation will be given at 9 a.m. on Saturday at the Native American Longhouse. The presenters will gather in the Snell Third Floor Conference Room at 8 a.m. for last-minute preparations before walking over to the NAL together.