CAPS STUDENT ADVISORY BOARD MEETING MINUTES                                                   February 23, 2015



ATTENDEES: Krista Burrows, Kati Costello, James Gaither, Rachel Grisham, Sara McCracken, Virginia Tat, Josh Willmarth, Sherri Bird, Marcey Bamba


  1. ASOSU Joint Session Recap

The CAPS budget passed (including money for a new counselor). The total increase in the SIFC budget was 7.59%. Because the ASOSU legislature did not receive information about the budgets until noon on the day of the joint session, some senators and representatives wanted to send all budgets to mediation so that more time would be available to understand the budgets before passing or not passing them. This was a point of contention that continued for most of the evening; however, some budgets were passed (and ours was one of them).


  1. Student fees vs. Mandatory fees discussion

No updates available at this time. An MOU (memorandum of understanding) will be created by ASOSU to emphasize the need for student voice in the advisory committees. Nothing will happen until spring term.


  1. Updates

A possible CAPS satellite office has been identified in the Beth Ray Center in the advisory wing on the third floor. Two adjacent tutoring rooms could be used for counseling, plus a bigger room could hold a group. This space can be reserved by CAPS on an as-needed basis. The CAPS Advisory Board is invited to join a few clinicians from CAPS when they tour the space on Monday, March 2nd at noon.  Just go to the Beth Ray Center third floor Monday at noon and look for Marcey. J


  1. Scheduling

This will be the last meeting of winter term. Rachel will send out a Doodle poll asking what day and time would be best for our meetings next term, and we will send an email with the result. Our first meeting of spring term will be during Week One.


Good luck with end of term projects and finals!  See you next term!!