Attendees: Krista Burrows, Kati Costello, Rachel Grisham, Catherine Huang, Sara McCracken, Mike McDougal, Virginia Tat, Morgan Thompson, Josh Willmarth, Sherri Bird, Marcey Bamba



  1. Updates

Budgets have not yet been approved by HECC. A decision will be made by the end of next week.


Renovation should start by end of summer. Contractor and Facilities rep will visit next week to see if this is feasible.


Hiring: Trauma expertise. With Advocacy Center development, client could begin there (housed at SHS) and then be referred to CAPS as necessary. New counselor will need an office in the renovated space.


Interactive Screening Program (ISP). Healthy Minds Study was sent to OSU students 2-3 years ago, asking questions about mental health resources. Results revealed students at risk of suicide were poverty related and LGBTQ students. ISP is designed to outreach to students to assess their risk of depression, suicide and give these high-risk groups resources. Anonymity increases interaction, so reaching out to them in this way may reduce the risk of suicide.


  1. OSU Cares

Event at U of O: trauma survivor’s counseling records released to U of O legal counsel, resulting in negative press for U of O and college counseling centers in general. Marcey met with General Counsel for OSU to create positive statements about confidentiality and reiterate CAPS policies. Flyers and posters have been distributed around campus.


  1. Calendar: We will not meet April 30th.


  1. Recruitment

Goal: 25 people at recruitment event

Presentations to classes?

Accounting and Psychology classes


CSSA s need budgeting experience   College Student Service Administration

                Someone from SHS to be on our board so CAPS and SHS could integrate

                Web site presence for Advisory Board would help draw quality people to the board.

                Applications with link to resumes. Bullet points for CAPS’ functions. 

                What skills could you bring to the board?


  1. SHAB Student Health Advisory Board – one chair, more faculty

Promotional activities

Student-led events are more compelling than faculty-led events

Need to create an interesting acronym for our board?

Could we meet together?

Liaisons between the two groups?