CAPS STUDENT ADVISORY BOARD MEETING MINUTES                                                                   April 16, 2015    


ATTENDEES: Krista Burrows, Kati Costello, Rachel Grisham, Catherine Huang, Sara McCracken, Mike McDougal, Virginia Tat, Morgan Thompson, Sherri Bird, Marcey Bamba



  1. Application form for new members was reviewed and edits made. The board agreed that having an application form helps legitimize membership and gives respect to the role.  It was suggested that the application form be available on the CAPS website. Sherri will work with Jon Dowd, CAPS’ IT resource, to activate the CAPS Advisory Board page and upload the application form there. Marcey requested that something about the Advisory Board be added to the main rotating carousel of the website. Sherri will work with Jon to facilitate.


  1. Recruitment
  • Rachel will do a Doodle poll to help decide the dates of recruitment sessions. Tentatively, we are planning on 2 sessions in week 6, one in week 7 and one in week 8.
  • The board agreed that the meetings could be a combination of casual conversation and more structured presentation about the importance of the CAPS mission and the variety of resources available to students. Krista and Virginia have access to a short power point about CAPS services that they will forward. We might also have Bonnie Hemrick, our mental health promotion coordinator, come and give a brief overview of Active Minds events and mindfulness workshops, etc.
  • Rachel will explore putting a small notice in the Barometer.
  • Sherri will forward the application and the recruitment poster to Morgan, who will explore social media options, tabling, etc.
  • Marcey will look into sending an email to business and psychology academic advisors in the hopes that they can  send a recruitment announcement to their list.servs.


  1. To help support Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), the CAPS Advisory Board has been invited to create a 3 x 5 foot banner to participate in the Take Back the Night event held at 6 p.m. on April 29th in the MU Quad. The Board decided to focus on CAPS is CONFIDENTIAL. More

information will be emailed to the Board about how and when this banner will be created.


  1. OSU Care campaign: Marcey will be speaking with our general legal counsel to reaffirm the safety of client records at CAPS. Marcey will also contact the Psychology Department chair to clarify CAPS’ confidentiality policy, in an effort to resolve concerns stemming from event at UO.


  1. SIFC feedback: Rachel will forward the SIFC feedback form to all Board members. Please send any comments you have to Sherri, who will compile and send them on to SIFC.