MINUTES   10/14/14

ATTENDEES: Krista Burrows, Rachel Grisham, Catherine Huang, Sara McCracken, Mike McDougal, Virginia Tat, Josh Willmarth, Bryan Heasty

Bryan Heasty, our SIFC Liaison, was introduced. This is the first year advisory boards have had liaisons, and we are grateful for his support! He will be attending all of our board meetings to provide education, relay information to and from the SIFC, and help us understand the general atmosphere of the SIFC. Hopefully this will help us avoid unpleasant budgetary surprises late in the game.

Some discussion was held about whether or not to have a Chairperson and Vice-chairperson or two co-chairs. The bylaws suggested two co-chairs, so nominations were opened. Sara McCracken and Rachel Grisham were nominated, but we did not have enough voting members present to approve the nominations (6 members are required). Members of the CAPS advisory board who also are paid CAPS staff are not voting members due to conflict of interest, and faculty advisors are also not voting members. So recruitment of more voting members is an urgent priority for the board to move forward! Members were encouraged to ask their friends and classmates to consider being part of our group and sharing in this great experience of shaping the vision and resources of CAPS. Hopefully we will have enough voting members to elect our officers in our next meeting.

This year, SIFC is asking each advisory board to introduce its members in a 5-15 minute presentation. CAPS’ presentation is scheduled for Oct. 23rd at 5:30. The format of the introduction is as follows:

  • Your name, where you’re from, year in school, and major
  • Why you are interested in serving on the CAPS Advisory Board
  • Why CAPS is important to OSU

This can be very short, just a few sentences, and is good preparation for speaking in front of SIFC during the budget hearings that will follow next term.

Copies of this year’s budget timeline were distributed, and a couple of concerns were raised:

  • The date of the all-budget final open hearing, Feb. 12, is very soon.
  • It was suggested that the budget due date, Jan. 27, be moved to Jan. 28or Jan. 29, especially because Jan. 27 is a Tuesday and a normal board meeting day for us.

We will send these concerns on to Priscilla Macy, head of SIFC.

Because of the SIFC presentation on Oct. 23rd, we will hold another advisory board meeting on Oct. 21st at 4 p.m.

The next important deadline is the Executive Summary, which is due Oct. 24th. Josh provided a hard copy of last year’s summary, and an electronic copy will be sent to all board members.