CAPS ADVISORY BOARD MINUTES                                                 10/21/2015


ATTENDEES:  Krista Burrows, Rachel Grisham, Catherine Huang, Sara McCracken, Mike McDougal, Virginia Tat, Morgan Thompson, Josh Willmarth, Sarah Devine, Sherri Bird, Marcey Bamba

Since we had a quorum of members, we were able to elect Sara McCracken and Rachel Grisham co-chairs of the advisory board. We were happy to welcome Sarah Devine as a new member.

Discussion was held around the advisory board introductions we will present to SIFC on Thursday, Oct. 23rd at 5:30 in MU 207. These are fairly informal, but should include something like:

                “Hi, my name is _______________. I’m from _______________ and am majoring in _________.

                I joined the CAPS advisory board because ____________________________________________.

                CAPS is an important part of the OSU community because _____________________________.”

Marcey did an amazing job of putting together our Executive Summary (report of the past year and vision for the future) that we will be submitting to SIFC on Friday, Oct. 24th.  An electronic copy is attached in case you did not receive one. In the report, Marcey outlined the history of CAPS’ location at Snell Hall and options for relocation at some future time. Several board members offered additional history that may be helpful in telling our story, and Marcey will meet with Rachel, Josh, and Priscilla Macy (head of SIFC) to make sure that our history is aligned.

Marcey is set to speak at the ASOSU Senate about CAPS’ need to relocate, seeking support and advocacy from the student legislature.