MINUTES 9/30/2014

ATTENDEES: Rachel Grisham, Sara McCracken, Morgan Thompson, Josh Willmarth, Holly Briggs, Catherine Huang, Mike McDougal, Virginia Tat, Krista Burrows, Marcey Bamba, Sherri Bird

Marcey welcomed the group and by way of introduction, each person gave the reasons for wanting to join the board. Returning members felt a sense of accomplishment in getting through the budgeting process. Others felt drawn to play a role in reducing the negative stigma of mental health. Another highlight was meeting people and building a community.  New members expressed interest in student well being and peer health advocates, wanting an opportunity to be involved in a group that moved toward solutions, and supporting students during the vulnerable college-age years. Others were curious about the budget process and learning how to present it to other committees on campus.    

Marcey gave a little background about CAPS, including the conversations we have with SIFC (Student Incidental Fee Committee) in October when we present our initial Executive Report and then the official Budget Hearing in March.

Last year there were 27,000 OSU students and 24,000 fee-paying students. CAPS accreditation board, IACS, recommends 1 mental health provider to 1000-1500 students.  OSU is at the higher end of the ratio, at 1:1500. 

We see students for counseling, we do mental health promotion, and we train interns to become psychologists (8 trainees). We have been able to tell our story to the Advisory Board and SIFC in order to 

Increase the number of clinicians, to better serve our students. Two of our clinicians are teaching positive psychology classes to first-year students. There is a possibility of having a wellness advisor in each residence hall. MHP is growing every year. SASS services are outstanding, directed by Judy Neighbours.

Intake system: Historically at CAPS there have been delays getting an appointment to see a counselor, and so this year we developed a new system for first appointments. Everyone who calls CAPS will have a brief phone or in-person consultation and an appointment scheduled or referral made outside the system.  We are also increasing our use of groups.

Recently our training program was reaccredited by APA for 7 years. IACS will do a site visit for reaccreditation next month, which is focused on clinical services and documentation.

Dixon dream project: We were partnering with Rec Sports to build a wellness center. We did a feasibility study for a student referendum. 1000 students were surveyed, and the wellness center was supported but not enough to pass a vote. Students were already paying for the Student Experience Center and other projects. Students also felt that Dixon wasn’t “worn” enough to be renovated.

CAPS is under the umbrella of Student Affairs. This year we have a Development liaison in capital planning. Seven buildings are being finished, but most of them are funded by OSU Foundation. We need to give voice to the need to get out of Snell Hall because it is an unsafe, worn out building. We are now reorganizing and hopefully want to partner with SHS and Rec Sports to expand Dixon using Foundation funds. However, that may be 5-10 years away. We are at step one of that visioning process.

In the meantime, we need more space at CAPS. We have 5 group rooms on the third floor which are needed by other departments on campus and are not confidential. We are considering building 12 new offices on the fifth floor. (This is dependent on whether Snell might be torn down or rebuilt.) We will talk more about this at future meetings.

Time was given for questions from the group, which included:

  • What will our schedule be when we start working on the budget?

We will meet for an hour during fall term and spring term. In January/February we will meet for 2 hours each week in order to solve problems and meet with others. The 2-hour time will probably be 4-6 p.m.

If you know others that would like to join the Advisory Board, please encourage them to come in two weeks.

We will go over the bylaws at our next meeting, which will be held on October 14th at 4 p.m. in the third floor conference room in Snell Hall.