“There is no health without [good] mental health.”
-World Health Organization

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Please designate Mental Health Initiative if supporting mental health promotion work

Counseling and Psychological Services is working in collaboration with the OSU community to create the infrastructure needed to impact Well-Being.  We are co-designing a healthy campus community and we need your help.  Your gifts help to strengthen our community both while at OSU and beyond, whether when students are on study abroad programs, working on internship or teaching through e-campus.

In partnership we can create a campus in which everyone thrives and believes in the possibility for optimal mental health.

We Are Changing Lives
In 2014, over 15,000 students, faculty and staff have attended programs provided by CAPS Mental Health Promotion staff including topics such as Stress Management, Suicide Prevention, Sexual Assault Prevention, Mindfulness-Based Practices and Improving Mental Well-Being.

We Are Improving Lives
Five First Year Experience courses incorporated positive psychology and Flourishing research impacting 150 students taking these classes.

We Are Saving Lives
As of January 1, 2015; over 1000 preventative emails have been sent to high risk populations to screen for major depression and suicide.