CAPS ADVISORY BOARD MEETING                                                                                           January 11, 2016


ATTENDEES:  Kristen Andersen, Joanna Bikman, Sherri Bird, Krista Burrows, Kati Costello, Francisco Flores, Rachel Grisham, Christine Hoang, Catherine Huang, Ian Kellems, Ashley Juan, Rae Madison, Mayuri Naidoo, Virginia Tat, Minh-Hao Tran, Josh Willmarth, Kay Kim, Alex Leziy-Miller

 1.Base Budget

  • Alex Leziy-Miller, our AABC accountant, gave the Board an overview of the budget for FY17. 92% of our expenses are from salaries and OPE, which are mandatory expenses. Total salaries are up 1.45% for FY17. However, OPE has decreased 8.73% because OSU has been able to get a better benefit package, so total OPE and salaries will decrease by 2% for the next year.
  • Another mandatory expense is Communications, Postage & Shipping, which includes Telecom and CN charges. This will increase by 56.5% next year because of a university-wide change by Telecom and CN to charge per FTE.
  • Assessments have increased by 13.7%. This mandatory expense includes items such as general administrative overhead charge (based on expenses from the prior year), central government service charge, Secretary of State Audit assessment, and others.
  • All other expenses for FY17 will remain the same as FY16.
  • Our current fund balance is $1,480,647.36. 

 2.TAO Program

The therapist assisted online program was explained, followed by discussion around whether to purchase the program on a one-year trial basis or include it as a permanent addition to our budget as a decision package (cost per year is $14,000). The Board voted to purchase the program on a one-year trial basis. Ian will facilitate this and we will implement the TAO service on July 1, 2017.  After the first year, we will assess impact on students, efficiency of use, and resources required to maintain the program.

 3. Presenters for our budget presentation will be Rachel Grisham, Kati Costello, and Virginia Tat.  They will present our budget to the SIFC on January 30 at 5:30 (location to be announced).

 4. SIFC Update

Krista (a member of SIFC) reported that the meet and greet with SIFC and the various departments who report to SIFC went well. The budget process was explained and additional questions specific to individual departments were distributed. Ian is working on the narrative that will include answers to these questions.

 5. Because of the MLK Holiday, our next meeting will be Tuesday from 3-5 p.m. in the 3rd floor conference room at Snell.