CAPS ADVISORY BOARD                                                                                                                                                1/19/2015


ATTENDEES: Kristen Andersen, Sherri Bird, Krista Burrows, Kati Costello, Erica Fuller, Rachel Grisham, Ian Kellems, Rae Madison, Mayuri Naidoo, Virginia Tat, Josh Willmarth

  1. Updates
    1. CAPS HR updates:
      1. One candidate has withdrawn from the SASS search. In an already small pool of applicants, we may need to repost the position and consider master’s level applicants.
      2. Two people have applied for the temporary counselor positions, but one is interested in a permanent position and the other is not qualified. We will extend that posting for the next week.
    2. Infrastructure problems: The Snell roof is leaking, causing the ceiling tiles to bulge with moisture. One ceiling tile in the hallway collapsed and a tarp has been taped around the hole in the ceiling, creating a funnel into a garbage can until the leak can be repaired.
    3. TAO: Therapist-assisted online services were approved by the Board last week for a one-year trial. Ian will meet with CAPS staff to plan implementation after budget season is complete.
    4. SIFC:
      1. The CAPS budget presentation will be Jan. 30th at 5:30 in the Journey Room, MU. Each department will determine who will present their budget; presenters must be students, and can be members of SIFC. SIFC will provide a tentative vote.
      2. Budget open hearings will take place on February 12th from 5-9 p.m. in the Horizon Room. At this time, SIFC will make a formal recommendation to ASOSU.
      3. Budgets will be approved at an ASOSU Joint Session sometimes the week of February 15th.
  1. Base Budget
    1. Krista and Rachel went over the latest copy of the base budget, explaining the decrease in OPE (-8.65%) and increase in mandatory expenses (salary increase of 3%, telecom and CN increase of 56%, and assessment increase of 13%). A new expense for FY17 will be sick leave for students ($20,000). However, on balance, our budget is actually down 0.61% from last year.
    2. Our fund balance was explained, which is made up of money budgeted but not used (mostly due to vacancies not filled). When CAPS is completely staffed, our fund balance will gradually be spent down so that transfers in will eventually balance expenses going out.
    3. Ian reminded the Board that even though HECC can approve budget increases of over 5%, there are good reasons to try to keep increases below 5% (i.e., tuition increases make recruiting more difficult). We are in a good position this year with a slight budget decrease.
    4. A roll call vote was taken, and CAPS FY17 budget was approved with a student fee of $38.37 (no increase from last year).
  1. Presentation Details
    1. The presentation was broken down into three sections: 1) Overview (services, mission) of CAPS; 2) Base Budget; 3) Working Capital and Fund Balance Projections.
    2. Joanna, Erica and Kati will present the budget.
    3. Krista and Rachel will edit last year’s slides and help the presenters prepare.
  1. Next meeting will be Monday, January 25th at 3 p.m. in the Snell third floor conference room.