CAPS ADVISORY BOARD MINUTES                                                                                                           1/25/2016


ATTENDEES:  Kristen Andersen, Sherri Bird, Kati Costello, Rachel Grisham, Ian Kellems, Mayuri Naidoo, Virginia Tat


  1. Updates
    1. We are in the preparation stage for 5 searches, and that effort continues. We hope to hire a Vet Med/CAPS shared position, 2 staff counselors, a SASS specialist, and a Mental Health Promotion Assistant Director by July.
    2. Ian attended the NASPA (Student Affairs Professionals in Higher Education) conference last week. Strategies for alcohol and drug prevention, violence prevention, and mental health promotion were discussed, including both theoretical principles and suggestions for implementation. Cornell University gave a presentation on MHP resources and activities they developed after a cluster of suicides on their campus. These included “Nature Rx” with an app giving ideas for places to go and things to do outside, as well as wellness coaching. Daniel Eisenberg gave a keynote address on the economics of mental health, and the return on investment. For example, for every dollar spent on mental health, the university gets $2 back in increased tuition (because less students drop out). So in the long term the economy gets $4 back when students stay in school, graduate, and get jobs.
  1. Budget Presentation
    1. Because of limited time to practice and inability to contact those who were previously assigned, presentation responsibilities were reassigned to Virginia (overview), Kati (base budget), and Rachel (working capital). These three members were in attendance at this meeting and will also be able to practice together on Friday at 2 p.m., the day before the presentation on Saturday.
    2. The Board went through the power point slides from last year, making revisions and suggestions. Virginia offered to look in CAPS’ on-line library and add suitable pictures to make a few of the slides more interesting.   
    3. CAPS’ budget presentation will be Saturday, Jan. 30th at 5:30 in the Journey Room, MU. All Board members are encouraged to attend.
  1. Practice

Those participating in the presentation used the remaining time to practice, with feedback and suggestions from their co-presenters, Ian, and Sherri.

  1. Next Meeting

The next CAPS Advisory Board meeting will be held on Monday, February 1st, at 3 p.m. in Snell 301.