CAPS ADVISORY BOARD MINUTES                                                                                           10/1/2015



Kristen Anderson, Sherri Bird, Krista Burrows, Erica Fuller, Rachel Grisham, Christine Hoang, Catherine Huang, Ian Kellems, Rae Madison, Stephan O’Hair, Sambith Rout, Josh Willmarth


Welcome and Introductions

  • Ian asked members to share their names, majors, reasons for joining the Board, and something interesting about themselves.


Bylaws and Elections

  • The duties of the committee as stated in the bylaws were read to the group.
  • Descriptions of the committee officers were also read to the group.
  • Rachel Grisham was elected as Chair, and Krista Burrows was elected as Vice Chair.


CAPS Updates

  • Much positive feedback has been received about the continued accessibility to CAPS resulting from the new intake system created last year. Two counselors are scheduling appointments in a satellite office located at the Beth Ray Center.  They are available on Thursdays from 8:30 to 12:30. Some appointments will be dedicated to athletes.
  • CAPS is sharing a full-time counseling position with Veterinary Medicine to address the needs of vet students in a demanding program. The person hired will be .5 FTE for Vet Med and .5 FTE for CAPS.
  • CAPS has recently hired a trauma counselor, Ellen Topness, who will begin work on October 12th.  She brings a wealth of experience in trauma, having worked for many years in the prison system.
  • We are in the midst of an active search for a new SASS coordinator, a position made vacant as Judy Neighbours accepted a position with the Survivor Advocacy and Recovery Center located at Student Health.
  • Wellness Alignment: We are working to collaborate more closely with Student Health and Dixon Recreation Center to provide a more seamless experience for students. A feasibility study is being conducted to explore a new building co-location for CAPS and SHS in an expansion of DRC. Next steps are marketing and funding, and communicating the reasons for this plan to students to gain their support.
  • The shooting incident at Umpqua Community College was discussed. Ian shared with the Board that 200 students from Roseburg attend OSU. Several members mentioned that they have seen increased support for UCC on Facebook and Twitter. CAPS will be available to the OSU Community as needed. Posters describing appropriate responses to an active shooter have resulted in some negative responses from students and staff who may experience “triggering” reactions.  The posters may be taken down and replaced after an appropriate space of time.


Next Meeting

  • Since our meetings are every other week, the next scheduled Advisory Board meeting will be held on October 15th at 4 p.m.