CAPS Student Advisory Board Meeting

12 November 2015


ATTENDEES: Kristen Andersen, Sherri Bird, Kati Costello, Rachel Grisham, Christine Hoang, Ian Kellems, Ashley Juan, Josh Willmarth.

  1. Updates
  • Renovation of 5th floor offices is still on target.
  • Vet Med/CAPS counselor on-site interviews will take place Dec. 3-4.
  • Sexual Assault Services Support counselor posting extended to Nov. 30.
  • SIFC election results will be released after they are confirmed. The new committee will elect a chair and schedule a meeting to discuss the budget template for 2016-17.
  1. Decision Package Brainstorm

Ideas about how to best leverage our resources were discussed:

  • TAO (therapy assisted online) treatment may be a good way to provide services to on-line students who could opt in to pay student fees to be eligible for services.  We could order a demo for 2 counselors to test for 90 days ($250). Advisory Board members might also volunteer to test the demo modules from the student perspective. A vote was taken, and the Board approved moving forward with preliminary testing on that service.
  • Possibility of hiring a half-time marketing person, sharing an FTE with an organization in the wellness alignment.
  • Increasing funding for Disability Services testing
  1. Committee Application Approval

An application for membership on the Board was received and reviewed. A quorum was present and members voted, approving Derek Ocean as the newest member of the Advisory Board.

  1. Absent Members

Several students have missed three Board meetings. When contacted, they reported that they have a conflict this term, but hope to participate winter and spring terms. Vicky Lin has other commitments and may not be in Corvallis during winter and spring term, so her name will be removed from membership.

  1. Next Meeting

The next Board meeting will be held Dec. 3 at 4 p.m. in MU 212.

Amended minutes, 11/12/2015