CAPS Student Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

20 April 2016


ATTENDEES: Sherri Bird, Krista Burrows, Kati Costello, Rachel Grisham, Christine Hoang, Ian Kellems, Rae Madison


  1. Updates
    1. HR
  • SASS on-site interviews are complete.
  • Vet Med/CAPS Counselor interviews begin next week.
  • MHP Assistant Director interviews are scheduled for first week in May.
  • Staff Counselor interviews are scheduled May 10-18.
  1. SIFC: CAPS Liaison to SIFC should be appointed by June 1 (when new officers are inaugurated). SIFC bylaws are being revised to include the transition to being part of ASOSU.


  1. Recruitment
    1. Informational Sessions

                                                               i.      Sign up 

  • Tuesday, 5/10, noon:                      MU 207
  • Wednesday, 5/11, 11 a.m.:          MU 207
  • Wednesday, 5/18, noon:               Snell 301 (conference room)

                                                             ii.      Agenda

  • Introductions
  • Presentation re: CAPS’ services – Ian
  • Questions
  • Distributing applications

                                                           iii.      Review the application: Some changes were made to the application (see attachment). Sherri will give these changes to Jon for the on-line version.

  1. Logistics

                                                               i.      Advertising

  • Christine will create a Facebook event
  • List.serv/email/invitation assignments
    • Rae: Active Minds, Student Health, Psychology
    • Rachel: Greek Life, ASOSU, CPHHS
    • Krista: CAPS student workers, Athletic Training
    • Virginia: Business/Accounting
    • Slide for MU screen – Krista is coordinating with Gabe to design. When complete, Krista will send to Sherri for Jon to add to CAPS website carousel and waiting room screen
    • Krista will facilitate flyers (about 10) to be placed in prominent places around campus.
  1. Application Preliminary Review Session

                                                               i.      May 13th at 8:00 am

                                                             ii.      Open to anyone

                                                           iii.      More applications may be received on May 18th but this will allow us to process forms from the first two recruitment sessions.


  1. Spring Term Last Meeting
    1. May 18th at 4:00 PM, Snell 301
    2. Elections of chair, vice chair, and SIFC appointee
    3. Discussion around goals for next term