The Flourishing @ OSU lecture series was created to help cultivate a culture of Flourishing in the OSU community. OSU and community partners will provide open lectures that help us understand the concept of Flourishing through the unique lens of their work, and teach us ways that we can Flourish in our own lives. Please join us! All lectures are free and open to the community. If you are unable to attend a lecture, check back here for a video!

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Flourishing @ OSU Lecture Video Library

Lecture 1:  Todd Stansbury, Vice President and Director of Athletics; Power of a Network
Lecture 2:  Kadijah White, Student in Human Development and Family Sciences; Change as a Challenge for Better
Lecture 3:  Sangari Nadarajan, Student in Liberal Arts; An International Perspective of the OSU Experience
Lecture 4:  Mario Magaña Álvarez, OSU Associate Professor and 4-H Outreach State Specialist for College of Public Health and Human Sciences:  Looking into the Future for Positive Change, with the Eyes of the Past

Lecture 1:  Steve Simmons, Men’s Head Soccer Coach; Establishing Dynamic Attributes Through Your Un-Comfort Zone
Lecture 2:  Teague Teece, Student Athlete on the OSU Rowing Team; Transitions Made Easy:  The Benefits of an Athletic Attitude
Lecture 3:  Shannon Ernst, Student in Computer Science; The Path from Fixed to Growth:  A Story of Mindset
Lecture 4:  Tim Jensen, Assistant Professor, Director of Writing; Habits of Empathy, Anxiety and Flourishing (what’s writing got to do with it?)
Lecture 5:  Larry Roper, Professor; School of Language, Culture and Society; Leading Towards Health and Hope
Lecture 6:  Olivia Fidler, Student in Nutritional Sciences; The Importance of Leadership in Education
Lecture 1 with Parcella Provence, Memorial Union: Joy is not a four letter word
Lecture 2 with Winston McCullough, OSU School of Psychological Science: Paths to happiness
Lecture 3 with Subbappa Ribeiro, Iyengar Yoga Center of the Willamette Valley
Lecture 4 with Aaron Wolf, OSU Geosciences: Transformational Listening for Flourshing Relationships
lecture 5 with Teri Deuver, OSU School of Psychological Science: What Makes Live Worthwhile

Learn even more about the concept of Flourishing and Happiness through the following TED Talks:

Logan Laplante, Hackschooling makes me happy (Not enough time? Check out the Flourishing focus: watch 1:42 to 3:53)
Brene Brown:  The Power of Vulnerability (Not enough time? Check out the Flourishing focus: watch 3:09 to 5:33; 6:40 to 10:44)
Fred Luskin, The Science of Happiness (Not enough time? Check out the Happiness focus: watch any or all of these segments 3:40 to 8:00; 11:58 to 17:27; 23:30 to 27:00; 39:20 to 39:40; 39:45 to 40:05; Compassion Meditation exercise:  33:56 to 38:00)