Oregon State University
Counseling and Psychological Services Advisory Board
Membership Application 2017-2018


The CAPS Advisory Board serves the following functions:

  1. Evaluate and recommend changes to CAPS services based on the best interests of OSU students.
  2. Assist in evaluating a proposed budget and recommending an annual budget to the CAPS Director.
  3. Serve as a liaison between the Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU), the Student/ Incidental Fees Committee (SIFC), and CAPS.
  4. Identify initiatives that promote a healthy university community.


To be eligible to apply for the CAPS Advisory Board, the applicant must:

  1. Be enrolled at OSU and pay student fees.
  2. Be available for one hour a week for board meetings during Fall/Spring terms, and two hours per week during Winter term. Meeting times are based on board availability.
  3. If selected, be committed for at least a one-year term.