How the CAPS Advisory Board Works


1. Who is eligible to serve on the Board? 

Any person who is enrolled at OSU in good academic standing is eligible to sit on our Board, and we welcome faculty participation as well.  We strive to have a group that is representative of the OSU student body, so we welcome people of all ages, from all classes, graduate programs, and those who represent populations that CAPS has historically had difficulty reaching, such as veterans, international students, men, and communities of color.

2. What kind of things does the Board do?  

We take on a variety of tasks throughout the academic year, including developing the budget for CAPS and presenting it to the Student Incidental Fee Committee (SIFC) and ASOSU; addressing issues regarding our emerging identity and strategic plan; running focus groups to discover what students need/want from CAPS; shepherding projects that they feel are important; helping to find new housing for our office; developing our Advisory Board webpage; etc.

3. What kind of commitment is necessary? 

Our board meets every other week for an hour, except in January and February, when we meet weekly for 2 hours as we prepare our budget. We generally don't meet in the summer.

4. What's the leadership structure like? 

The CAPS Board is student-led and run.  We elect a Chairperson and Vice-Chair, or Co-Chairs. Leaders orient new Board members and educate the community about CAPS successes, challenges, and needs; work with the CAPS Director to develop agenda items that will move the CAPS mission and strategic plan forward; assist in developing and presenting the budget to the SIFC for approval; recruit new members; and assist with other projects as they come up during the academic year.

5. How do students get selected for the Board? 

Students complete an application, which is reviewed by the CAPS Director and co-chairs. We invite all interested students to apply.  

6. What are the potential benefits of serving on the Board?

1. You get experience developing a large budget ($3.1 million)

2. You have opportunities to make public presentations

3. You gain experience in major building/housing projects

4. You help set a marketing direction for CAPS

5. You help CAPS identify directions for outreach to different communities within OSU

6. It's a nice line on your resume!

Advisory Board Membership Application