CAPS ADVISORY BOARD MINUTES                                                                                           10/29/2014

  • Welcome and introductions of new members: Thanks for joining us, Jessica, Kameron, and James!
  • Communication concerns were expressed to our SIFC liaison, Bryan Heasty, who agreed that there has been some late notice for SIFC meetings as well as some conflicting information around the executive summary, the introduction presentation, and the meeting on October 30th.  Members of the board emphasized that we just want to have the information we need to work successfully alongside SIFC. Bryan will take that message back to SIFC.
  • Marcey met with representatives from Facilities last week and will meet again in the morning to discuss possible location options for CAPS.  Our preferences are:
  1. All of our offices to be housed on the same floor.
  2. If group rooms are on a different floor, adjoining offices must be partners in confidentiality requirements.
  3. Place group rooms on the second floor of Snell.
  4. Build 5 new group rooms on the fifth floor for $50,000 (may not be realistic).
  • Marcey, Sherri, Josh, Sara, and Rachel will meet with Trevor Byrd, ASOSU Senator, on 10/31 at 9:30 to discuss the history of CAPS location. Jackie Alvarez, our previous director has sent us a timeline history that will be very helpful. Marcey gave a rough outline of the history, and will send it out to the board.
  • Marcey, Sherri, Josh, Sara, and Rachel will meet with Alex Leziy-Miller, our accountant with AABC, on 11/6 at 10 a.m. regarding our 5-year spending plan, goals for this year, and budget-related questions. Sherri will schedule the conference room for this meeting.
  • Our next board meeting will be on Nov. 11 at 4 p.m. We will meet again on Nov. 25th at 4 p.m. and then not meet again until Winter Term. During January and February we will need to have 2-hour meetings once a week to complete the budget preparation process and be ready to present it to SIFC at the end of February. Board members were asked to look at their schedules and determine which day would be best to meet in January and February, either from 3-5 or 4-6                                                                              p.m. Sara and Rachel will send out a Doodle poll and we will vote on which day and time is better for most members of the board. 
  • REMEMBER TO COME TO THE BUDGET MEETING TOMORROW 10/30 AT 6:30 p.m. AT THE NATIVE AMERICAN LONGHOUSE (on 26th Street). SIFC has been working on a consistent, standardized budget template for all departments to use, and it will be given to us that night. We will also sign up for a time to present our final budget to SIFC.