Due to current concerns about COVID-19 at Oregon State University, CAPS is following Provost Feser’s recommendation to deliver our services remotely whenever possible.  CAPS also recognizes how important it is for us to support OSU students--now more than ever.  We commit to doing everything we can to continue supporting students, while also taking all available steps to limit opportunities for contagion.  


CAPS’ on-call clinic will continue to operate regular hours (M-F, 9am-4pm during the academic term and 10am-3pm during spring break), but all on-call appointments will be provided over the phone (call 541-737-2131) starting on Monday, March 16th.  Therefore, we request that you do not come to CAPS for an on-call appointment, but rather phone in if you would like to talk with a CAPS counselor.  This service is also available for OSU faculty/staff who are concerned about an OSU student.

Starting March 18th, all first appointments and return appointments (i.e., all appointments other than on-call appointments) will be provided through secure Zoom videoconferencing (specific instructions for how to do this will be sent to all CAPS clients).  This practice will be implemented until April 10th, at which time it will be reassessed.

CAPS Single Session Clinic appointments March 16-20 will be canceled, then will be offered again starting March 30th through Zoom videoconferencing. 

CAPS’ after-hours crisis line will remain available (541-737-2131).

If you are an existing CAPS client and have any questions about these adjustments, please feel free to contact your therapist directly.

If you are currently in crisis, please call CAPS to talk with a counselor (541-737-2131).  This service is also available for OSU faculty/staff who are concerned about an OSU student who is in crisis.

CAPS also recognizes that we are in a very anxiety-provoking time.  Please consider using the following resources to help you cope during these challenges.