Students at Silver Falls

Creating Happiness                                                                        

Michele Ribeiro, WF 1-1:50, CRN: 14449

Happiness and the pursuit thereof are a constant source of conversation and intrigue. Whether it’s a late night conversation with friends about the “meaning of life”, a boss trying to find new ways to make for better work environments, or a country trying to measure the standard of living for its citizens, happiness comes into play. What makes people happy? How do people who are happy act and think differently that those who aren’t? Can happiness be measured and is it felt the same way by everyone? In this course we will use the fields of mindfulness, positive psychology and flourishing to explore these questions. You will also spend time learning more about yourself, discuss the stress that come with the transition to college and develop the tools you will need to find and maintain happiness at OSU and beyond.

U-Engage Fall Class