LGBTQ Pride Flag

CAPS joins President Ray and the entire OSU community in expressing our deep sadness and grief regarding the recent shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub which targeted members of the LBGTQ+ Community on Latin night.  We want members of our LGBTQ+ community to know that we are here to support you through affirmative counseling services, and that we value you and celebrate you. We continue to be committed to making OSU a safe and welcoming place to express your true and authentic selves without fear. We also stand in solidarity with our Latino/a/x students, and recognize with deep sadness that queer people of color continue to be especially vulnerable to targeted violence.

We acknowledge that this event may also create stress for our Muslim students. We take a stand against Islamophobia and strongly oppose the use of this event to target other vulnerable and oppressed peoples.  We recognize that all oppressions are linked and that all students deserve to feel safe and respected in their diverse cultural identities. Finally, we recognize that incidents of mass gun violence have become all too common and that many students may be feeling fearful as a result of this most recent tragedy. We encourage any students who feel impacted by this event to access CAPS services in person at 500 Snell Hall, Monday through Friday (9AM - 4PM), or calling us at 541-737-2131.