BEavers HERE NOW (peer-led)

Spring Term, Monday through Friday. 4PM/PST, starts week 1, via Zoom

Enjoy a different 15 minute guided meditation each week. Benefits of meditation include: Stress Reduction, Better Sleep, Sharper Concentration, Anxiety Management & Happier Relationships. Sessions take place every Tuesday and Wednesday at 4 pm. Faculty and staff are welcome too! Contact with questions.  Registration link:

Laughter Yoga Club

Spring Term, Monday & Friday, 4-4:30 PM/PST, weeks 1-10, via Zoom

Laughter reduces stress and improves health.  Anyone can laugh intentionally. OSU’S Laughter Yoga Club will guide you through the exercise and experience of intentional laughter with a certified laughter yoga leader. Open to students, staff, and faculty.  Your family, pets, and friends are welcome to join in the Joy!  Register at or email with questions.


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