Our support groups bring together students who are going through or have gone through similar experiences. Some of our groups address specific topics, while others support students who share similar identity/identities. Support groups provide an opportunity to connect in a safe space, share personal experiences, discuss coping strategies, and helps participants feel less isolated in their experiences.

When:  3- 4:00 PM  Tuesdays  1/15/2024

Location: Gill Athletic Training Room

Description: A group for student-athletes who have sustained injuries and might benefit from giving and receiving support during the recovery process. In an interactive group setting, participants will join other student athletes facing similar challenges and learn new skills to effectively cope with the issues associated with injury. No restrictions on type of injury/illness or stage of recovery. 

How to join: Nothing is required prior to attending; just drop in at start time. Open only to student athletes. Questions? Contact fernando.frias@oregonstate.edu.

When: Tuesdays 3- 4:30 PM         In-Person            Starting  1/15/2024
            Fridays 10-11:30am           Zoom                  Starting  1/29/2024

Location: For location and Zoom Link Info, email circleofsupport@oregonstate.edu

Description: Circle of Support is open to OSU students of all genders and aims to provide survivors of interpersonal & gender-based violence (sexual or physical assault, emotional abuse, stalking, bullying, sexual harassment or reproductive coercion) with a safe setting to share thoughts and feelings, connect with others, and support healing. Hosted by CAPS, CAPE, and Cascades Student Wellness.

How to join: Contact circleofsupport@oregonstate.edu      


When:  Will not be offered Winter Term


Description: Engage in a warm, supportive forum for coping with the emotional impact of a major loss.

How to join:  Questions? Contact CAPS@oregonstate.edu

When: TBD 

Location: TBD

Description: This drop-in group strives to provide a supportive space for OSU students who identify as women of color. Potential topics of discussion include: intersectionality around our identities, microaggressions, oppression, and racism encountered on this campus and in Corvallis, and building solidarity in the community.

How to join: Nothing is required prior to attending. Just drop in at start time! If you have questions, please email shaznin.daruwalla@oregonstate.edu or chanale.propst@oregonstate.edu.


When & Where: TBD 

Description: Support to address disordered eating for students with bulimia and binge eating disorder symptoms

How to join: Requires a pre-group screening. Contact ozge.akcali@oregonstate.edu to schedule or brent.felnagle@oregonstate.edu




When:  3-4:00 PM Wednesday 

Location: Pride Center

Description: Come to the Pride Center on Wednesdays, from 3-4 PM to learn about and practice some of our favorite coping skills. 

How to join:  Questions? Contact edward.ballester@oregonstate.edu or laena.huffaker@oregonstate.edu

When: 4-5:00 PM Wednesday 

Location: Pride Center

Description: Want to make more LGBTQ+ friends? Need help troubleshooting or mediating conflict in your queer-identified support groups? A support group for people with similar identities is being offered at the Pride center to consult with therapists on strategies, skills and make plans to get and stay connected.

How to join:  Questions? Contact edward.ballester@oregonstate.edu or laena.huffaker@oregonstate.edu