Beaver Brothers Coffee Hour

This drop-in group is a place for honoring men’s experiences while exploring barriers to creating more meaning in their lives. Men face particular challenges in modern society that can result in life dissatisfaction, which can provoke agitation, anger, a sense of meaningless, lack of direction, relationship struggles, and anxiety/depression. In addition to acquiring better coping tools to manage your overall wellness, we will discuss ways to improve awareness of masculine identities and the negative effects of toxic masculinity. Topics will focus on intimate relationships, man-to-man friendships, societal expectations related to gender norms, personality characteristics, daily pressures, physical health, and how identities and experiences affect our mental health. We aim to help men build better relationships, build skills and confidence in fully expressing themselves, and feel more holistically empowered with their masculinity.  Questions? Contact or


Beavers on the Mend Drop-In Group

Gather with other student athletes who have sustained injuries to give and receive support during the recovery process in an interactive group setting, learning new skills to effectively cope.  This is a drop-in group open to current or former student athletes only. Questions? Contact at CAPS or at Athletics.

Circle of Support: Support Group for Survivors of Interpersonal Violence

This group aims to provide survivors with a safe setting to share thoughts and feelings, connect with other survivors, and learn information to support healing. Questions? Contact


Family Chaos

Connect with others who have been affected by parental substance abuse and/or mental illness and explore what you may want to change in your current way of relating to yourself and others. Requires a pre-group appointment. Contact or to schedule.


Grief and Loss Support Group

Engage in a warm, supportive forum for dealing with the emotional impact of a major loss. Requires a pre-group appointment. Contact to schedule.

Living Well

Access a safe space to discuss the challenges associated with managing a chronic illness while being a student at OSU and to share coping strategies that contribute to a better quality of life. Participants at any stage of their illness or diagnosis are welcome. Requires a pre-group appointment. Contact to schedule.


Making Peace with Food

Support and recovery strategies for students with bulimia and binge eating disorder, addressing issues such as ambivalence, coping skills, family background, body image, the relationship with food, and more. Requires a pre-group appointment. Contact to schedule.


Multiracial Student Connection Drop-In Group

Build community with fellow students who identify as biracial, multiracial, multi-ethnic, mixed, or who grew up in a transracial family at this drop-in group. You’ll find a safe space to share experiences and explore identities.  Questions? Contact or


SMART Recovery

Connect with others who want to stop or cut down on habits that may be getting in the way of their plans, goals, and aspirations. You’ll find a safe place to explore, talk, and redesign strategies to thrive, in a group that avoids labels and is an alternative to 12-step programs. Participants must be current CAPS clients. Questions? Contact


Student Autism Community Drop-In Group

This weekly drop-in support group is open to students who identify with the Autism Spectrum (including Asperger’s). Students will have the opportunity to build community and to learn about helpful resources at OSU.  Questions? Contact


Student Life with Bi-Polar Challenges

Join this supportive/educational group to discuss the challenges and strategies of living with bipolar disorder during the university years. Requires a pre-group appointment. Contact to schedule. Pre-group appointment is held at CAPS; group sessions meet at Student Health Services.

Offered this summer! Day & time TBD. 


    Student Parent Connections Drop-In Group

    Balancing parenting with your studies?  Join us for a weekly hour of community and connection with others who share your unique challenges of being a student and a parent.  This drop-in support group is open to any students who are parents or parents-to-be.  Free child care for ages 6 mo to 10 is available through Our Little Village at Dixon (, and babes in arms are welcome to join us in the group.  Questions? Contact at CAPS or at the Family Resource Center.


    Womxn of Color Drop-In Support Group

    This bi-weekly drop-in group strives to provide a supportive space for OSU students who identify as women of color. Potential topics of discussion include: intersectionality around our identities, microaggressions, oppression, and racism encountered on this campus and in Corvallis, and building solidarity in the community. We hope you can join us! Questions? Contact or