JED Set to Go

During high school your children will be gaining academic skills and knowledge to prepare for life, but thriving in adulthood requires more than just facts learned in classes. Throughout this site, we’ll share information, tools and guidance to help you and your student through the transition out of high school and onto the next step. We will help them with finding the right college fit, developing important emotional and life skills, increasing their knowledge about important health issues for teens and young adults and provide guidance about adjusting to life at college.

Starting the Conversation: College and Your Mental Health

This guide is written to provide students and their trusted adult(s) (parents, care givers, family members and other important and trusted adults involved in the lives of college students)with important information about mental health during the college years. We encourage you to read this guide, learn from it and use it to start and continue a conversation about mental health. 


Transition of Care

If your student received treatment for a mental health condition while in high school or before, there are several things they can do to continue to stay healthy while transitioning to and attending college