IVS services include:

Phone helpline/consultation (provides information*, support, and answers questions about on/off campus resources and healing/recovery following violence; can help schedule an appointment for those interested in counseling or in need of crisis intervention)

  • NOTE: if a caller receives a voice message, please leave times when someone can return your call. A counselor will return their message as soon as possible, typically on the same or next business day.  If the caller is in need of immediate assistance, it is recommended to call CARDV at 541-754-0110

In-person consultation

Ongoing counseling (as indicated)

  • Individual counseling and support groups are available
  • Provided by licensed psychologists and therapists with experience in trauma response and healing for survivors
  • Consultation with friends, family, and staff about how to help a survivor
  • Educational presentations and trainings about sexual violence and how to support a survivor to promote a climate of safety and support for survivors and to enhance awareness about available services

*IVS is a service where students can find information about, discuss, and/or find referrals for any of the following concerns: safety planning, medical assistance (including SANE referral), advocacy, academic options, and reporting (including police, student conduct, and anonymous reporting)