As of July 1, 2012, OSU has discontinued the sexual violence anonymous reporting form, since we are unable to fully guarantee the anonymity of these reports. If you are interested in exploring formal or informal options for reporting sexual violence, please contact the following resources.

Confidential Resources (maintains privacy of individual):
  • OSU Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS): 541-737-2131. Provides confidential support, information, crisis intervention, and/or counseling for OSU students who have experienced unwanted sexual contact or relationship violence.
  • Survivor Advocacy and Resource Center (SARC): 541-737-2030. Provides consutation and assistance to questions about your reporting options to either the school or law enforcement, or could provide accompaniment to either reporting agency.
  • Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence (CARDV): 541-754-0110. Provides 24-7 confidential crisis response, hospital and legal advocacy, hot line support, and support groups.
  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, Student Health Center: 541-737-9355. Provides emergency medical evaluations for sexual assault.
Reporting Resources (non-confidential):
  • Oregon State Police: 541-737-7000, or 911. Responds to immediate safety concerns and to violations of Oregon law, including sexual and intimate partner violence, which may lead to criminal proceedings.
  • Office of Equal Opportunity and Access: 541-737-3556. Accepts inquiries, formal, and informal (non-criminal) reports of sexual harassment, sexual violence, domestic and dating violence, and stalking. In addition to handling grievances, the staff offers consultation and advice about what procedure is likely to have the most positive outcome.