Many family members aren’t sure what to say to their student to encourage them to seek counseling. Seeking counseling is a personal decision that the student must make on their own to be effective, but the following approaches may encourage your student to seek help:

  • Let your student know that counseling is confidential. To the extent permitted by law, nothing about their visits will be disclosed without written permission even to their family.
  • Their visits to CAPS do not show on their academic record. Our files are kept separately from the rest of the University.
  • The student can meet with a counselor for one session; they do not need to commit to ongoing counseling.
  • Let them know that our services are regularly used by many students with a variety of concerns. CAPS is just one more resource available to students.
  • There is no additional cost to the student. Our services are paid for through the Student Health and Counseling Fee paid with the student’s tuition and fees.
  • Suggest that they visit our website to learn more about our services.
  • The student does not need to call to make the appointment themselves. A friend or family member may call to make the appointment if the student isn’t able. You will need to know the student’s schedule for that day. For more information on making an appointment, please visit our How to Make an Appointment page.

If you would like to consult with a counselor on how to approach your student with this matter, please call our office at 541-737-2131.

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