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CARE Folder

During their experience at university, students can encounter a great deal of stress (e.g. academic, social, family, work, financial, and cultural). Although most cope successfully with the demands of college life, sometimes the pressures become overwhelming. 

Because faculty and staff are important figures in a student’s life, CAPS believes an expression of concern may be an important factor in helping a student regain the emotional equilibrium necessary for academic success. Faculty and staff may be the first to notice a student is struggling and may be in the best position to reach out with care and concern.  The CARE Folder is an online document which is intended to provide you with resources and referral information to assist you as you support students.  Simply click here and you will be directed to login to Box to access these resources.  We recommend you bookmark this link for easy access on your phone, laptop or tablet.

We are not suggesting that faculty and staff members function as counselors. OSU Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is available to consult with faculty, staff, and administrators about OSU students.

CAPS provides emergency consultations for students with urgent mental health concerns. Please call 541-737-2131 if you have an immediate need to meet or speak with a counselor. Counselors do not make "house calls" but will assist you in getting appropriate care for a distressed student.

We encourage you to call CAPS; tell the receptionist you're a faculty or staff member and what you need. Someone can either take your call immediately or get back to you within a couple of hours.

We hope the specific information in the links below can help you assess and address a potentially difficult situation when you are confronted with a student in distress.

If you feel you need IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE because you, the student, or someone else is in danger, please call Public Safety/OSP at 737-7000.