Treat yourself to relaxation and rejuvenation!

The Mind Spa at CAPS is a unique sanctuary open to OSU students, faculty, and staff, where you can soothe your mind, body, and spirit. Come explore an experience like no other on campus. Relax privately in this quiet single-user space, unkink that stubborn muscle in the full body massage chair, center yourself in the meditation corner, use our guided relaxation software to find calmness, or sit by the therapy light on a rainy day. You do not need to be a CAPS client to use the Mind Spa -- it's free and open to  everyone in the OSU community.

What's in the Mind Spa?

The meditation corner features a Himalayan salt lamp, soothing tabletop fountain, and a traditional handcrafted Zafu cushion that will mold your shape into a relaxing and comfortable position as you focus and meditate.

Melt into our Osaki zero gravity full-body massage chair. Select from various massage modes to target specific areas or enjoy a full-body massage, from your neck to your feet! 

Regular massage in high-end massage chairs puts the mind and body at ease by soothing sore muscles, relieving stress, and prompting the body to release endorphins which relieve tension and improve mood.

People in the Pacific Northwest can be particularly vulnerable to Seasonal Affective Disorder, due to our northern latitude.  It is the shorter days (not the grey winter sky) that is primarily responsible for the light deprivation that can trigger SAD. 

Increasing your exposure to both natural and indoor light can be very effective in treating SAD. The Mind Spa includes a desktop light therapy unit. Students may also check out small, portable blue therapy lights or desktop lights like the one in the Mind Spa for two weeks at a time from CAPS. Therapy lights are also available for check-out at Student Health Services and the Valley Library circulation desk.

Buddha Board is inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment.

Simply ‘paint’ on the surface with water and your creation will come to life in bold design. Then, as the water slowly evaporates, your art will magically disappear leaving you with a clean slate and a clear mind, ready to create a whole new masterpiece. Buddha Board is environmentally friendly as it only uses water - no ink, no paint, no chemicals.

Weighted blankets can help soothe stress and anxiety by activating your parasympathetic nervous system. Click here to read more about the benefits!

ATTENTION: Biofeedback Software is currently unavailable as we perform maintenance on our computer systems.

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The Mind Spa computer software includes three Wild Divine biofeedback games: Relaxing Rhythms, and Passage and Wisdom Quest. Attach the sensors to your fingertips, and make a harp play, juggle balls with your laughter, meditate to open doors - all with the set of your mind and breathing.  When you have mastered these techniques, you can use these new abilities of yours to relax, stay focused and centered in your everyday life. Click here for more information.

The Mayo Clinic describes biofeedback as a type of complementary and alternative medicine called mind-body therapy. It's designed to enable you - in mind-over-matter fashion - to use your thoughts and will to control your body. Biofeedback is based on the idea, confirmed by scientific studies, that people have the innate potential to influence with their minds many of the automatic, involuntary functions of their bodies.

Learn to stay relaxed and focused during the stresses of daily life. Dual Drive Pro teaches relaxation and stress reduction techniques you can use during stressful situations or to wind down at the end of the day. Learning to stay relaxed while racing a car cross country can help you stay focused and relaxed while managing stressful situations in your daily life. Click here to learn more.

It turns out that we live our lives more so between heartbeats than because of them.  EmWave PC is a biofeedback program that allows you to not only monitor your heart rate, it conditions you to manage your heart rhythm.  Using EmWave PC regularly will allow you to develop confidence in your ability to manage any task more efficiently by teaching you how to flow. Click here to learn more.

mPower is an individualized, interactive program that provides skills for coping with stress and emotional distress. The program guides you through a series of self-assessment and goal-setting exercises to provide a personalized training for your unique needs.

The focus is on five powerful personal effectiveness skills. Each module within the Five Core Personal Effectiveness Skills includes several subtopics that provide practical information and specific descriptions and examples of skills. The subtopics incorporate interactive exercises called tools that give practice applying the skills and personalizing them for the user's individual goals and circumstances.

Create a tranquil atmosphere by listening to music that is more than just relaxation; instructional CDs offer guided relaxation exercise, mindfulness meditation, and more:

  • Calm and Confident: based on Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR
  • Computer-Based Self-Help Instruction for Depression
  • Guided Meditation: Six Essential Practices to Cultivate - Love, Awareness, and Wisdom
  • Mindfulness of Breathing
  • Fusion of Energy of Body, Mind and Breath in Asana
  • Soul Flight: The Journey to the Wild Divine

Visiting the Mind Spa for the first time? Optional orientations are available to new Mind Spa users! When scheduling, select a time labeled Orientation with Student Ambassador.

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Important Guidelines
  • In order to accommodate everyone who would like to use the Mind Spa, we ask that you do not make multiple reservations at once. Please wait until you've completed your visit before scheduling another one. 

  • The Mind Spa is a single user space -- only one person may be in the space at a time.

  • Please help keep the Mind Spa safe and clean for everyone by sanitizing any equipment you use before leaving. Disinfecting wipes will be available. 

  • Symptoms of stress and depression can have multiple causes, including environmental, social, emotional, and medical. Please consult your health care professional who understands your specific situation before beginning any self-guided stress management or depression treatment program.

Virtual Mind Spa

Learn how to set up your own virtual Mind Spa at home! Visit our Virtual Mind Spa webpage to experience a variety of ways to relax and recharge, including tips on setting up a mini Mind Spa in your home, guided meditations, yoga practices, relaxation techniques, self-care ideas, identity-based resources and more! This site is a work in progress and we would love to hear from you.  Email with your recommendations for content.