Procedures and Deadlines

We will not accept any paper materials. The electronic application includes:

  • Practicum Training Program Application Form
  • Letter of Interest (How would a practicum training experience in OSU CAPS benefit your professional and academic goals/plans? 500-word maximum)
  • Current Curriculum Vitae (CV)
All application materials should be received by 02/28/21 at 11:59 PM, PST. 

Please send application materials and direct questions to Pei-Chun Hou by email:

Guidelines for Former OSU CAPS Clients as Potential Trainees

If you are applying to become a Practicum Counselor and have been a client here at CAPS, please notify the Practicum Coordinator. You will not be asked to disclose any information about your treatment other than which CAPS clinicians you have seen. The purpose of this conversation is to help us mitigate any negative consequences from potential multiple relationships.

Equal Opportunity is the opportunity to gain entry to, participate in, and benefit from employment, services, programs, activities, and privileges of the institution regardless of race, national origin, sex, ability, or other protected status. OSU's commitment also includes a moral obligation to address the needs of groups historically underrepresented in the institution and those that have faced barriers to equal opportunity, such as discrimination or discriminatory harassment on the basis of protected status.