Mental Health Curriculum

 Curriculum Training

The Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Counseling and Psychological Services are collaborating on a project to enhance our conversations and how we interact with the various mental health needs of our community.  To this end, we are inviting Ross Szabo, a national speaker, author and trainer to campus to help us build coalitions for changing the conversations we have on mental illness and stigma. 

Our ultimate goal is to embed a mental health wellness curriculum in key areas of the student experience and in support of the well-being of faculty and staff.  The “Behind Happy Faces” curriculum is designed to be adaptable to different ages, settings and groups, and may be used individually or as a series of four interactive lessons. Additionally, CAPS professionals can serve as consultants to assist with curriculum delivery. 


This workshop is a 90 minute interactive program that discusses stigma related to mental illness as well as uses small group interaction to discuss coping, providing support to others who may be in distress, and how to seek help if needed. (student led or counselor facilitated).

For more information contact:

Bonnie Hemrick, MPH
Mental Health Promotion Coordinator
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
Oregon State University