At CAPS, we are committed to growing multiculturally as clinicians and as an organization. This starts with the understanding that we are all unique, cultural beings, formed through many different life experiences and socioeconomic histories. Through this understanding, we work to create awareness of our own context history and the worldview created by this context. This way we become better therapists by identifying any biases that we take into our careers, in turn creating a deeper, more nuanced understanding of and relationship with our clients. Finally, we are committed to flourishing as a healthy multicultural organization through diversifying the organization, seeking input from diverse voices and groups, and working to serve marginalized populations in our community.  

With these goals in mind, we ask several things of our doctoral interns. First, each intern must serve a minimum of one term on the Diversity Committee. It is the job of the Diversity Committee to lead CAPS’ growth by providing diversity training and working with the larger community.

Next, interns participate in the Diversity Seminar, a bi-weekly meeting between all the interns and different speakers on varied topics. Then, interns have the option to focus on an "area of emphasis," an individualized opportunity to extend competency with diverse groups and work on outreach initiatives. 

Finally, because multicultural development is dynamic and ever-evolving, we encourage the active exploration of new ideas and perspectives as well as re-evaluation and exploration of familiar and unexamined assumptions. 

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