Program tables updated: August 2019

Internship Program Admissions

CAPS is the primary mental health service provider for the Oregon State University community. The overall objective of our APA accredited internship in health services psychology is to prepare Doctoral Interns to function independently, ethically and with multicultural competence.  We only accept applicants from APA or CPA-accredited programs. Given our setting, we also require that our candidates have experienced at least one practicum in a university counseling center. Interns receive primary supervision from experienced, licensed psychologists but also can receive area of emphasis (AOE) supervision and group supervision from staff of other disciplines. The culture of training extends to all elements of CAPS and we strive to maintain an atmosphere of open door consultation. Doctoral interns provide all services that senior staff provide once they are oriented to our clinical system.  These services include individual therapy, group therapy, triage/walk in appointments, consultations, and engaging in CAPS’ mental health promotions efforts. Like many counseling centers, CAPS is a busy agency as clinicians balance multiple clinical and administrative tasks and interests. Interns are supported to manage their caseloads in a time-limited setting and to balance their interests with the need for self-care.