Continuously thoughtful and curious about practice.  Consideration of how one’s personal experiences and values influence professional life.

Integration of Science into Practice: 

Utilizes current research to inform all areas of service. Considers how research can be adapted to brief model/characteristics of site.  Displays critical thinking in decision-making. 


Open to examination of unique professional style and values and how these interact with the environment of OSU-CAPS.


Consideration of one’s own cultural identity and how it shapes interactions.  Acquires necessary awareness, knowledge, and skills.  Awareness of how power dynamics affect relationships.  Advocates for social justice. 


Being willing to move out of one’s comfort zone.  Able to take risks and make mistakes.    Accepts and learns from constructive feedback.


Values and cares about professional community.  Willing to invest time and energy in colleagues.  Able to engage in productive conflict as needed.   


Aspires to create some equilibrium between workload and personal life.  Able to manage demands of work and care for self.  Seeks support.