Pictured: Stephanie Shippen, Practicum Coordinator and 2017-2018 Practicum Cohort

Practicum Counseling Program

Counseling and Psychological Services provides a variety of services to the OSU community primarily intended to support students with challenges and to help them navigate their developmental tasks.  The diverse student body is represented in the students we see.  We provide services in a variety of ways.  These include individual therapy, couples therapy, groups, and outreach presentations.  Practicum counselors have the opportunity to participate in these different ways of enteracting OSU students.  We adhere to a developmental model of change and growth for our trainees providing training that balances safety with challenge.  We encourage self-awareness and an examination of personal biases especially with regard to differences around age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ableism, class, and religion.  CAPS is committed to the training of ethical and competent future clinicians.  Supervision is provided by senior staff and pre-doctoral interns under the supervision of licensed senior staff.

While excellent preparation for internship or a career in a college counseling center, the program is also suited to practicum counselors who value intensive group and individual supervision from a variety of theoretical perspectives.  Didactic training is a collaboration between the interests and needs of practicum counselors and staff expertise. 

CAPS at Oregon State University is IACS accredited and our Pre-Doctoral Internship has APA accreditation.  We have four practicum counselor positions.  The practicum training begins in the Fall quarter in late September and continues through Winter and Spring to the end of the academic year in mid-June.

We welcome any questions you have about our practicum experience.  Feel free to contact the practicum coordinator, Stephanie Shippen at 541-737-2131 or stephanie.shippen@oregonstate.edu.