We extend a warm welcome to our applicants!

CAPS is the primary mental health service provider for the Oregon State University community. The CAPS Practicum training program provides graduate students with the opportunity to develop and hone clinical skills, and gain experience working in a fast-paced university mental health clinic.  Practicum counselors have the opportunity to provide individual therapy, relational therapy, group therapy, triage/walk in appointments, consultations, and engagement in CAPS' mental health promotions efforts. Like many counseling centers, CAPS is a busy agency. Clinicians balance multiple clinical and administrative tasks and interests. Practicum counselors are supported to manage their caseloads in a time-limited setting and to balance their interests with the need for self-care.

The practicum program uses a developmental training model that strives to support growth by balancing safety with appropriate challenge. The practicum program is an excellent way to prepare for internship, and is geared toward practicum counselors who value intensive individual and group supervision.

Practicum students receive weekly individual and group supervision, and are supervised by senior staff clinicians, doctoral interns, and postdoctoral residents. Practicum students receive didactic training throughout the year based on their interests and needs, and staff areas of expertise.

The OSU academic schedule begins classes the last week in September which allows practicum counselors the opportunity to orient toward the university, CAPS, and the practicum program across two partial work weeks totaling 40 hours of orientation. We offer specialized intensive training in selected areas during this orientation period. Early orientation allows for clinical practice to begin at launch of fall term. Dates provided on Important Information page.

The didactic component of our training program utilizes the science of psychology to inform current psychological practice. Goals of the practicum seminar include providing practicum counselors with advanced didactic information and prepare practicum counselors for challenges that they may encounter in the future of the profession. In our developmental approach, we strive to tailor this seminar to the needs of the current class.

OSU CAPS is accredited by the International Accreditation of Counseling Services (IACS) and our doctoral internship is accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). The practicum training year begins in fall term and continues through spring term. We have 4 practicum positions for the coming year.