Pictured: Stephanie Shippen, past Practicum Coordinator and 2017-2018 Practicum Cohort

Practicum Counseling Program

The CAPS practicum training program provides graduate students with the opportunity to develop and hone clinical skills, and gain experience working in a fast-paced university mental health clinic. The practicum program uses a developmental training model that strives to support trainees’ growth by balancing safety with appropriate challenge. The practicum program is an excellent way to prepare for internship, and is geared toward practicum counselors who value intensive individual and group supervision.

CAPS’ commitment to promoting diversity and social justice is seen throughout the practicum and internship training programs. During the practicum year, students have the opportunity to build self-awareness through the examination of their intersecting identities. Students are encouraged to consider how identity markers such as age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, class, nationality, and religion shape their worldview and interactions with clients. The training program supports students in the exploration of biases, systems of oppression, and the role of power and privilege. Furthermore, students are supported in their development of intercultural sensitivity. Practicum students are encouraged to work on their growth edges as they develop multicultural competence.

Practicum students have the opportunity to provide individual and group psychotherapy as well as on-call/triage services. There may be opportunities to provide mental health outreach to on-campus communities. Practicum students receive weekly individual and group supervision, and are supervised by senior staff clinicians, doctoral interns, and postdoctoral residents. Practicum students receive didactic training throughout the year based on their interests and needs, and staff areas of expertise.

OSU CAPS is IACS accredited and our doctoral internship is APA accredited. The practicum training year begins in fall quarter and continues through winter and spring term. We have 5 practicum positions for the coming year.

We welcome any questions you have about the practicum program. Feel free to contact the Practicum Coordinator, Beth Zimmermann, at 541-737-2131 or beth.zimmermann@oregonstate.edu.