Practicum counselors have two supervisors over the course of the year. Practicum counselors may rank their preferences for supervisors, and the Practicum Coordinator will make assignments. Practicum counselors are expected to be prepared for weekly supervision. Preparation can involve reviewing video recordings, organizing cases, preparing questions, reviewing empirical literature, and reviewing goals for supervision. During the training year, supervisors will review video recordings and help practicum counselors establish and develop a professional identity as knowledgeable, skilled, and ethical clinicians in training.

Individual Supervision

Each practicum counselor will receive 1.5 hours per week of one-to-one individual counseling supervision, and more if determined necessary by the supervisor(s) of record. Typically, practicum counselors will be supervised by licensed supervisors in the fall quarter.  In winter and spring quarters, practicum counselors will be supervised by training supervisors (i.e., doctoral interns), who record their supervision for training purposes to afford the highest quality of clinical care.  These video recordings will be reviewed within the supervision experiences of the training supervisor.

Group Counseling Supervision

When a practicum counselor co-facilitates a group with senior staff or serves as a process observer in a process group, the practicum counselor will receive a 0.5 hour of group counseling supervision from their co-facilitator.

Practicum Seminar/Group Supervision

Practicum counselors are required to attend practicum seminar/group supervision weekly for 1.5 hours on Monday mornings between the hours of 10:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. Practicum counselors will need to arrange their academic course schedule in order to participate in meetings. The format of the practicum seminar is both didactic and discussion/process-oriented in nature.  Group supervision provides an opportunity for practicum counselors to process, share, and teach each other through various collaborative learning methods. 

In our developmental approach, we strive to tailor seminar training to the needs of the current class. The topics will select based on practicum counselors’ interests and needs, and staff clinicians’ areas of expertise.

Practicum counselors are expected to prepare and present oral and written case presentations throughout the year in group supervision.