OSU CAPS subscribes to a developmental model of training.  We strive to understand the experiences, strengths, and growth areas of practicum counselors and support them accordingly.  Our clinical and training experiences are designed to have greater structure and oversight early on in the practicum experience, moving toward increased autonomy as the year unfolds.  We find that this progression and the quality of practicum counseling experience equally depend on counselors who are curious, willing to take risks, and are able to manage normative discomfort in the process of discovery.

While CAPS adheres to a brief therapy model, we emphasize evidence-based practice and critical thinking as clinicians. Through supervision and seminars, we draw on extant research while considering the unique, multicultural identities of our population.  We also strive to be aware of how our own identities and values affect our assumptions and reactions. We recognize that our work is intimately related to the needs of our college population and occurs in partnership with departments throughout Student and Academic Affairs.  Our intent is to provide a training trajectory that allows for success, struggle, and connection.