Chanale Propst, MS, NCC, LPC Associate

Coordinator of Black & African-American Student Mental Health & Wellness

  • M.S. (Counselor Education), East Carolina University
  • B.S. (Finance), North Carolina A&T State University
Theoretical Orientation: 

My primary approach to counseling is an integration of Liberation psychology, Radical Healing, and Black feminist thought with a womanist perspective, all from a trauma and culturally informed lens. The interlaying of these three therapies cultivates a therapeutic environment that accentuates the client’s authority, reveals their inherent strengths and centers their personhood and intersecting identities. It also leaves room for me as the counselor to appropriately support the client’s growth and awareness through psychoeducation. I also utilize storytelling to emphasize the role that narratives and stories have on our well-being, which allows for those who have been minoritized to be seen and heard in an empowering manner. My aim is to form a comprehensive framework where the client gains deep awareness, as well as the tools to continue the growing, healing, and learning process long after termination

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Affiliated with: 
Counseling Center
OSU Main Campus
Research/Career Interests: 

I am interested in gendered and racial microaggressions/stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem/worth, gendered and racial identity development, race-related trauma, with an emphasis of working with all Black students