Kaitlyn Saulman, MA

Doctoral Intern

Office: 541-737-2131

Snell Hall

Snell Hall

2150 SW Jefferson Way

2150 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331
Theoretical Orientation: 

I believe a collaborative and empathetic therapeutic relationship is central to my work with assisting clients in their growth process. With this in mind, I use a trauma-informed approach that views the client as the expert of themselves and incorporates concepts and techniques from intersectional feminist theories, cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness, and strength-based approaches. I see my role as someone who validates and empowers my clients to achieve healing that brings them closer to their authentic selves. 

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OSU Main Campus
Research/Career Interests: 

Sexual trauma, post-traumatic growth, neurological impacts of trauma, sex work along with advocacy for workers' rights, and transfer students. 

Beyond OSU
Personal Interests: 

Outdoor recreational activities, documentaries, engaging in creative expression, caring for animals, music