If you need to meet with a counselor for a one-time visit to discuss a current non-crisis problem or concern, the Single Session Clinic (SSC) is for you. During your confidential 45-minute visit, an SSC counselor can work with you to problem-solve, help you develop skills and/or strategies to address your concern, and will provide a personalized action plan by the end of your visit. This resource is available to students taking classes on the Corvallis Campus and is open during fall, winter, and spring term.

In addition to standard SSC visits, specialized appointments are currently available for Latinx students (Sala Session), College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) students, and graduate students. If you are seeking one of these appointments, be sure to select a date and time that is labeled as one of these options. Please do not use these spots if none of these apply to you.

All SSC appointments are available in English and other languages as noted. Please click here if you need an American Sign Language interpreter or a transcriber.


Click here to schedule an SSC appointment 

  Online scheduling is accessible Monday-Friday 5am-7pm. If you are visiting this page outside online scheduling hours, please return to schedule your appointment.

  The SSC does not offer crisis counseling. For urgent needs, please call 541-737-2131 any time or stop by CAPS during on-call clinic hours

If you need to cancel an SSC appointment, please email caps@oregonstate.edu or call 541-737-2131 during business hours.


Visit the Single Session Clinic (SSC) if you:

  • have a problem or concern and are interested in a single conversation with a professional who will work with you to create an action plan during your visit
  • are not interested in ongoing counseling services
  • do not have a CAPS counselor currently
  • have previously been in counseling at CAPS, but are only interested in a one-time session to discuss a current problem

Contact CAPS or browse our other services if you:

  • are struggling with thoughts of suicide, thoughts of harming others and/or worried that someone's life is in danger
  • have experienced something that is affecting your daily functioning
  • are currently seeing a CAPS counselor, but are in crisis and need to be seen today
  • need assistance with a Medical Reduced Course Load (MRCL) or other type of form or documentation
  • are interested in short-term counseling or group therapy/support
  • are concerned about a friend or family member and seeking some guidance on how to best handle the situation

 If you are in immediate crisis, please call 541-737-2131 or come to our office during on-call clinic hours.