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Interpersonal Violence Services (IVS) at CAPS is a confidential resource offering supportive, trauma-informed, survivor-centered individual and group counseling to OSU students who have experienced interpersonal or gender-based violence. The IVS team is committed to meeting the individual needs of all survivors across identity and experience. CAPS clinicians are here to hold space for survivors to process their thoughts, reactions, and emotions, no matter where they are in their healing journey. In addition, we can connect survivors to other resources and consult with faculty/staff, students, friends and family who may want guidance around supporting a survivor. If you are a survivor, you deserve to feel safe, supported, and informed of your choices. Please use the menu below to learn more about IVS and the other resources available to survivors on and off campus.

If you are being harmed by someone with access to your device(s), please considering using a friend's device or computer at the library. If this is not possible, be sure to clear your browser history.